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Gun People

14 December 2012 - 03:53 PM

I was wondering if anyone wanted to go shooting this weekend i have a couple bazookas and some class 3 stuff we can shoot but you must provide your own ammo.

Holley Carb ?

04 September 2011 - 10:39 AM

I was notified today by Holley that i won a free carb in a sweepstakes they are having i know nothing about carbs and have no use for one so my question for you guys is what would be the best carb for me to pick the only rules are it excludes Ultra HPs & Ultra Dominators i have to pick one and contact them back with the part number so can someone please help me pick the best one to resell.

5.0 Coil Packs

12 August 2010 - 09:12 AM

Anyone ever saw a 5.0 with coil packs i had never saw it before and came across this pic online and found it odd i wonder if there is any benefit in having them over a normal setup? :shrug:   :shrug:

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You Know You'Re A Mustang Owner If:

29 April 2010 - 08:33 PM

You know you're a Mustang owner if:

You will defend that mustangs are very dependable cars even if yours is sitting in your garage waiting to be fixed

If everybody in a honda or a neon revs their motor at you

If you can hear a five oh coming from a mile away

You have memorized the 302 firing order

You cannot imagine why anyone would really need a cupholder

Think squeaks, creaks and surging idle add character to a car

Your headlights are more yellow than your teeth

You believe that ten-hole wheels look nice

Ricers laugh at you for driving something 'unsophisticated' as you laugh at them for buying cars according to the jumping-off-a-bridge theory

If you think 4.56's are great street gears

If you visit the gas station more than once a week

If you have anywhere from 2-20 parts (aftermarket and oem) waiting to be installed

If you can hear the groan of your power steering pump over the 2 chamber flow masters

If you've ever been in a group at a car gathering and heard some ass clown bow tie piece of crap owner call your car a FIVE POINT SLOW

You can build another mustang out of all the spare parts you have lying around

You have 12 sets of stock wheels

You don't think twice about buying another mustang that doesn't run, even though you already have three that don't run.

You think that Ford didn't build the mustang until 1979.

If your car dies and you already know what's wrong with it and can fix it on the side of the road.

Someone mentions Fox and you think of a chassis, not a four legged furry woodland creature.

You think an e-brake handle and seat make a perfectly good cup holder

You see an ash tray door that isnt broken and suspiciously wonder whats wrong

$40 for hatch supports is too much money, but if you had $1500 you'd be buying heads and a cam

You swear mustangs are reliable..except for those 3 starters and 5 alternators you've gone through, but who cares, you can replace them in 5 minutes anyway

You consider your car stock even though you have every bolt on known to man!! (you're probably also married to Tanya Tumas)

You see another stang in the mags without a supercharger and think it looks odd cause somethings missing.

The heat from your tranny keeps you warm in the winter.

Whenever you stop at a light you feel the need to push the stick back and forth to make the T-5 "click"